Josep A. Planell first Spanish scientist to receive European biomaterials prize

He is the first scientist from Spain to be awarded the prize, which recognizes researchers who have contributed significantly to the field of biomaterials through basic, experimental or clinical research. Some of the most outstanding acheivements of his illustrious career, which has lately focused on the research and development of bone cements, have included the creation of biomaterials based on porous calcium phosphate composites for bone regeneration, and the development of new angiogenic materials able to trigger new vessel formation and induce vascularisation.

Previous recipients of the prize, which was established in 1982, include Emeritus Professor of Medical Materials at the University of Cambridge William Bonfield.

In April of this year Josep, who maintains a research position at IBEC, left the institute’s directorate after seven years to take over as Rector of the Open University of Catalonia.