IBEC researcher’s ERC project highlighted in Madrid exhibition

Javier, IBEC’s latest ERC winner, was one of just six researchers in Catalonia to have been awarded a 2016 Starting Grant. His project, Diabetes Approach by Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip’ (DAMOC), will design an innovative new tool to test drugs for diabetes. As well as improving drug testing approaches, the multi-organ-on-a-chip device will provide new therapies to prevent the loss of beta cell mass and defects in the glucose uptake in skeletal muscle associated with type 2 diabetes.

DAMOC and just seven others were chosen by organisers FECYT to feature in MUNCYT’s exhibition to showcase the best of Spain’s ERC projects. The display will remain in place until later in the year.

Look out on Facebook and Twitter for IBEC’s own celebration of the ERC’s tenth birthday over the next few days, in which we will be showcasing all our winners: Javier Ramon, Xavier Trepat, Pau Gorostiza, Nuria Montserrat, Elena Martinez and Samuel Sanchez.