IBEC signs a new agreement with ICMS of TU Eindhoven

This partnership will have an initial duration of five years and will explore mutual cooperation in the areas of scientific research and education. The objective of the cooperation is to foster research and academic cooperation between both centres and align research goals by sharing knowledge and infrastructures and establish secondments based on scientific collaboration. Moreover, this alliance enables the application for joint international project proposals and offer joint master, doctorate and postdoctoral programs.

The collaboration started back in 2018 when ICMS and IBEC planted the first seed of this promising partnership by celebrating the first joint symposium in Eindhoven and last year they celebrated the second symposium in Barcelona. Also two group leaders, Vito Conte and Lorenzo Albertazzi, already have dual appointments ICMS – IBEC.

IBEC is engaged in research and training activities in the field of bioengineering. The knowledge that exists in the IBEC research groups is structured in three broad avenues of knowledge: nanomedicine, cellular and tissue engineering and ICT for health. These are placed at the service of science and society to progress in three major application areas, namely future medicine, regenerative therapies and active ageing.

ICMS is engaged in research, training and education in the fields of materials for regenerative medicine, chemical biology and polymer science and technology. Advancing the fundamental understanding of complex molecular systems in materials science, energy, mobility, health, and life is the main driver of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems. “Creating future technologies by mastering complexity”