IBEC supports the accessibility to EU funded research results on COVID19

The European Commission has launched a Manifesto to maximise the accessibility of research results in the fight against Covid-19. The Manifesto provides guiding principles for beneficiaries of EU research grants for coronavirus prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination to ensure that their research results will be accessible for all and guarantee a return on public investment. IBEC, as a public institution performing excellent research with the final goal to improve health of citizens, has signed the Manifesto.

The Manifesto seeks the voluntary support and endorsement from public and private stakeholders benefiting from EU funding, other research funders and prominent individuals and institutions.

This initiative is in line with several international actions such as the COVID-19 resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly on 19 May and the Solidarity call for Action by the World Health Organisation.

IBEC also encourages other institutions to endorse the EU COVID-19 Manifesto.