IBEC participates in European Project developing new technologies for the study and treatment of neurological diseases

Pau Gorostiza and his team at IBEC participates in the DEEPER project which aims at creating new tools for accessing the deep brain with unprecedented precision for the study and treatment of neurological diseases. The project involves 12 partners in 8 countries, and it has been funded by the European Union with approximately 5.7 million euros for the next 4 years.

IBEC leads three new European projects

Bioengineering is a core discipline for the medicine of the future, and Europe knows that. Proof of this is that the European Union (EU) has granted during the last months the coordination of three European projects to the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) to continue combining medicine, science and technology with the aim of improving people’s health.

The first one is the BRIGHTER project that is led by Professor Elena Martínez, the head of the ‘Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering’ group. The EU has contributed to this initiative that will be used by the consortium partners to develop an innovative high resolution 3D bioprinting technology able to fabricate 3D cell culture substrates which could be useful to produce artificial organs in the future.