IBEC’s platforms recognised in new ICTS map of cutting-edge research services in Spain

Its facilities include IBEC’s Nanotechnology Platform and Rapid Prototyping equipment because they are both integrated service platforms under CIBER-BBN, following a special agreement signed in 2013 to facilitate access to all researchers within the network.

Updated by MINECO’s Consejo de Política Científica, Tecnológica y de Innovación last week, the new ICTS map is composed of 29 ICTS that bring together a total of 59 service facilities in Spain in all fields of research. To qualify, ICTS have to have three basic characteristics: they are publicly owned infrastructures, they are unique, and are open to the entire research community in both the public and private sectors.

NANBIOSIS, which as well as IBEC’s nano platform and RP, includes facilities in Zaragoza, Badajoz, ​​Cáceres, Madrid, Valencia and Álava, is included in the new ICTS map thanks to its dedication to openly offering high-quality, low-cost research services via state-of-the-art equipment that is coordinated by experts in each field.

About IBEC’s Core Facilities

IBEC’s Nanotechnology Platform features 150m2 of class 10,000 cleanroom space and laboratories offering state-of-the-art equipment for the fabrication and characterization of micro- and nanodevices and structures. Equipment and services include Time-of-the-Flight Ion Mass Spectroscopy, Ultra-High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy, E-beam Lithography, Nanoimprint Lithography, Hot-Embossing Lithography, UV-Photolithography Mask-aligner, Direct Write Laser Lithography, Thermal and E-beam metal evaporator, Reactive Ion Etching, Inteferometer, Profilometer, Chemical Bath, Spinner, Plasma Cleaner, Optical microscope.