Researchers 4.0

In the magazine “Magazine” of La Vanguardia this Saturday, they have dedicated a “special 8M” for science and technology without gender gap. Among the 14 outstanding scientists, three of them are IBEC researchers; Núria Montserrat, Anna Mura and Belén Rubio.



“Nowadays, it seems that if certain prejudices have not affected you, it means that you are a superwoman. No. Please. Let’s normalize things, let’s work together. Let’s not make the exception a general rule”. Núria Montserrat.


“From education to the job market there is a gap where society does not support women in positions that allow them high impact research in advanced science or technology”. Anna Mura.


“The gap begins from the moment you are born. And it is fed from infancy. An image of the woman is created that then does not correspond to what they expect of you. There are opportunities for women to get what they want. But first, they must believe it”. Belén Rubio.

You can read the full article of La Vanguardia online here

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