Kick-off meeting of the Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed working group

IBEC leads the Nanobio+Nanomed WG, which also involves as core members other centres such as ICFO, ICN, IQAC-CSIC and ICMAB-CSIC, companies from the biotech, pharma and medtech sectors, such as Advancell and NTE-Sener; and hospitals, led by Vall d’Hebron. The WG membership reflects the multidisciplinarity of nanobiotechnologies and its many possible applications at industry level.

During the meeting, the group discussed the first steps towards its aim to provide an expert opinion on the ‘hot’ topics and the local strengths in the field for ACC1O, the agency set up by the government to make Catalan enterprise more globally competitive. “We’ll start by mapping our knowledge base in nanobio convergence, along with gathering input from the companies on their needs for innovative applications, and identifying matches,” says Arantxa Sanz, Head of Corporate Projects at IBEC.