MECHANO-CONTROL’s kick-off meeting held at IBEC

On Friday last week MECHANO-CONTROL, the largest European project ever coordinated at IBEC, held its kick-off meeting at the institute.

Pere Roca-Cusachs’ project, which is funded by H2020’s FET Proactive programme, will focus on understanding and controlling how cells transmit and detect mechanical forces, with the aim of coming up with new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for cancer and other diseases.

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Representatives from all the MECHANO-CONTROL partners, which comprise the UPC and Mind the Byte S.L. in Spain, the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht and Noviocell B.V in the Netherlands, Germany’s Leibniz-Institut, and King’s College London, gathered in Barcelona for the day-long meeting, which discussed technical issues related to the technologies and methods to be used, as well as potential dissemination routes. During the meeting, issues related to the management, finance and technicalities of the MECHANO-CONTROL project were presented and discussed as well.

MECHANO-CONTROL is one of only 12 projects selected out of 210 submissions across Europe. Among all the calls of the FET project so far, it is one of only four projects coordinated in Spain. With its grant of €7m over five years, it is over three-fold larger than ERC grants.