More connected than ever: IBEC reaches 16000 people and institutions on social networks

In Spain, according to FECYT survey 2018, internet and social networks have already overcome television as a source of science and technology information between 15-34 years old people. More concretely, internet and social networks, represent the main source of information about science and technology for 83,2% of people between 15-34 years, and for 79,1% of people between 35-44 years old. For older people, TV still remains the main source of science and technology information in Spain, although internet and social networks have increased up to 40%.

In this rapidly changing context of communication channels, IBEC has been putting great efforts to adapt and to be more connected than ever with society and with important communities for IBEC such as researchers, patients, hospitals and clinicians.

Evolution in numbers of IBEC followers since 2014 (yearly data excepting for 2020- data until June).

Now, thanks to the new Instagram account and to intensive communicative efforts on twitter, linkedin, facebook and youtube, IBEC has reached over 16k followers on social networks.

IBEC is more connected than ever, but we are still missing you. 

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