Nano2Life industry workshop

Last 6th May Nano2Life has organised an industry workshop. This workshop, being one of the last events of Nano2Life, has been an international event offering a forum for the exchange of innovative business solutions with the participation of Nano2Life top research institutions. 28 participants from 17 companies from 5 different European countries have attended to this event.

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In this event, Nano2Life has

1. presented to Industrial nano2Life partners the conclusions of four scientific research programmes of the network, of key interest for the audience, and focusing on the state of the art developments and future trends,

2. shown the key conclusions of the 8 prospective workshops of Nano2Life carried out at WP5,

3. created a forum for the exchange of opportunities and cooperation between industry partners and N2L scientific leaders, specifically focused on the on the forthcoming calls of FP7 and on how IP should be managed by companies at a coordinated project,

4. successfully generated a roundtable discussion on how industry and academia in the nanobio sector should interact in the future.

Conclusions of this WS are the number of scientific, technical and strategic exchanges among participants and the feedback of industry on their relationship with Nano2Life during its life-span.