Research news

Towards a treatment for myotonic dystrophy: the first 3D model with patient cells

IBEC researchers led by Javier Ramón and Juan M. Fernández develop the first three-dimensional model for myotonic dystrophy, a rare disease that currently has no cure. The model combines patient cells and bioengineering techniques and represents a major advance over the use of animals and cell cultures. This new model will help in the design of personalized and more effective treatments, and for drug testing in a much more efficient way.

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Other news

We want to be like you: scientists!

On the International Women’s Day, the Primary School “CEIP San Rafael” in Cádiz organized a series of activities with the aim of making the role of women in science more visible. Focusing on the figure of Nuria Montserrat, researcher ICREA at IBEC, and under the motto: “Nuria Montserrat: a woman of the future… and of the present,” the students honoured this scientist and recognized the work that, like her, is done by many researchers in our country.

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