Prize for IBEC in Technology Transfer competition

An IBEC project pitch won third prize in a Technology Transfer Competition at last week’s Onco Emergence Forum.

The project, which is the brainchild of IBEC group leader Pere Roca-Cusachs and proposes the targeting of tumor mechanics to develop new drugs for oncology, specifically with pancreatic cancer in mind, was pitched by IBEC Technology Transfer manager Diana Gonzalez at the meeting on Friday.

Diana, involved in the project from its onset, was one of twelve finalists chosen to present in six-minute pitches to a panel of judges. The project was shortlisted because of its solid focus on an unmet medical, market or patient need, and because it proposed using innovative technology to create a product or service.

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The Onco Emergence Forum is a networking conference aiming to set up transnational collaboration projects in oncology by promoting interaction among research institutes, companies and hospitals across southwestern Europe. Hosted by BIOCAT and organized by Onconet Sudoe – part of the Interreg Sudoe transnational programme that aims to establish a permanent network of excellence in oncology through prevention, diagnosis, care and translational research – the meeting attracted more than 260 attendees from 11 different countries.

Image: Diana Gonzalez with Jordi Naval, Biocat’s Director of Strategy.

The second prize in the Technology Transfer Competition was won by VHIO’s PARPiPRED project, and the first prize went to Nanoligent, a UAB start-up.