El 9 Nou: “Cal connectar les mans robotiques amb el nervi perquè rebin ordres”

Robotics group leader Alícia Casals appeared last week in Catalan local paper El 9 Nou, which covers the Osona/Ripollès and Vallès Oriental areas. Alícia gave a lecture about this century’s challenges in robotics at the 3rd Workshop on Mechatronics at the University of Vic on 16 February.

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She expounded on the current role of robots in fields such as industry, healthcare and maintenance, and assured that the future lies in improving them, using robotic limbs as one example. “Robotic hands exist, but it’s necessary to develop their connection with the nerve for them to be able to receive orders.”

Alícia has been a member of the newly-formed Advisory Board of the University of Vic since last December.

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