Think Lab

Within the framework of the centre’s ‘Think Art, Act Science’ exhibition, ‘Think Lab’ on 25-26 February will comprise two workshops, a round table debate and a performance taking a look at the lab as a cultural phenomenon. As a place for experimentation, for trial-and-error hypothesizing, for creating knowledge through experience and for opening the door to future innovation, a multidisciplinary and international scientific laboratory has a spirit and a dynamic that can share much with culture as a whole.

Friday’s event at 15:00, ‘On Collaboration’, is a workshop by writer, researcher and events curator Bronac Ferran and has limited places. Saturday’s schedule starts at 12:00 and includes a talk by Nicola Triscott, founding director of The Arts Catalyst; a guided tour of the ‘Think Art, Act Science’ exhibition; a round table on the ‘Dynamics of collaboration and forms of creativity’; and a performance by UK artist duo Semiconductor.

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