Recent Results in Bioengineering and Nanomedicine Presented at the 3rd IBEC Symposium

Keynote speakers and the IBEC direction team.

At the third edition of the annual Symposium of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), eleven experts from different countries discussed subjects including: the interaction between cells and biomaterials; mechanotransduction processes in bacteria or mammalian cells; the adhesion of bacteria; the cellular basis of inflammatory processes; and the generation of forces in neurons. Other topics that were also present at the Symposium included: the development of embryogenesis, molecular diagnostics, and cell therapies that are possible through the application of new imaging technologies and the processing of signals that use nanostructures. New biosensors and microrobotic systems, that can be used for diagnosing and treating a range of pathologies through minimally invasive procedures, were also presented. All of these contributions broaden our knowledge of the behaviour of cells, tissues and organs, as well as leading to improvements in medical diagnosis and therapy.

The IBEC Symposium is a forum where internationally prestigious experts present their most recent results in forefront areas in bioengineering and nanomedicine. It is also a platform for young researchers at the Institute to present their work. Furthermore, the forum is open to the whole scientific community, so young researchers from Spanish or foreign research centres can take part and present their projects. With 240 people attending the 3rd IBEC Symposium on Bioengineering and Nanomedicine, attendance was 20% up on the previous year. A total of 79 young researchers presented posters, and 45 of them also gave oral presentations of their work.

IBEC Symposium 2010

At the opening of the Symposium, emphasis was placed on the multidisciplinary nature of both the Symposium and IBEC, which facilitates exchange and development of new areas of scientific research with great potential benefit for both society and the economy. Miquel Gómez, the secretary for Strategy and Coordination of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, who presided over the inauguration, was accompanied by: Iolanda Font de Rubinat, the vice-director of Research of Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Jordi Alberch, vice-rector of research at the University of Barcelona; Francesc Xavier Gil, vice-rector of science policy at the Technical University of Catalunya; and Josep A. Planell, the director of IBEC.