‘Roadmap’ for nanobiotech in Catalonia presented

The document, ‘Connect-EU Nanobio + Nanomed Strategic Research Agenda’ was presented last Thursday 20 October at the annual forum of the European Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN), which followed the 4th IBEC Symposium at the Hospital de Bellvitge. As well as providing a plan for this strategic area of knowledge in the region, the publication aims to help define priorities in innovative applications for the pharmaceutical, medtech and environmental industries that can be transformed into European projects under the EU’s FP7 funding program and its continuation, HORIZON 2020.

In addition to the European community of nanomedicine concentrated in Barcelona, representatives of the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and Catalan institutions such as ACC1Ó and AGAUR drivers of the EU-Connect network attended the presentation of the agenda, which gathered more than a hundred participants from all over Europe.

The document is available as a digital version and or as a printed copy from Connect-EU project manager Roger Rafel (