Out of this world

Dr. Scott Parazynski, currently Chief Technology and Medical Officer at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute (TMHRI) in Houston, Texas, will visit the city to take part in the 4th IBEC Symposium on Bioengineering and Nanomedicine on 18-19 October. This year’s event, which since its first edition in 2007 has brought together high-profile international experts for interdisciplinary discussions and networking, is accompanied by a workshop on Nanomedicine and Healthy Ageing on the second day.

During his time in NASA’s Astronaut Corps, Dr. Pararzynski served on the Space Shuttle as flight surgeon and was in charge of the ‘space ageing’ experiments on Senator John Glenn during flight STS-95 in 1998.  A medical doctor and expert on the effect on the ageing process in stressful conditions and human adaptation to difficult environments, Dr. Pararzynski is now developing a programme comprising various nanotechnology platforms at TMHRI to focus specifically on healthy ageing and help scientists and clinicians develop technologies that will one day reshape medical care around the world.

With such achievements as his 47 hours spent on spacewalks, reaching the summit of Mount Everest and a scientific dive into the world’s highest lake at the 6000-metre Licancabur volcano in the Andes, Dr. Parazynski could never be described as having his feet on the ground. He’ll be sharing his ‘out of this world’ experiences alongside other experts from a range of fields – including cellular biotechnology, nanobiotechnology, biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, neurobiology, molecular medicine and robotics – at the 4th IBEC symposium and workshop.

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