Roser Cussó, artist-in-residence at IBEC, opens us her Laboratory of Human Landscapes 

Roser Cussó, the first artist-in-residence at IBEC, develops her project in an artistic investigation entitled “Laboratory of Human Landscapes” with an internship from the culture department of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The “Laboratory of Human Landscapes” proposes to imagine, through graphical experimentation and illustration, the possible unknown spaces that our bodies inhabit. The project wants to focus on issues related to unexplored spaces, beyond the visual barriers of our skin, and in distant landscapes that, paradoxically, are so close and that we know more and more thanks to the development of technology. 

“The Laboratory of Human Landscapes project wants to look at the human environments that science could not define yet and which are still far from rational knowledge”, Roser Cussó 

Roser’s creative process involves intuition, research, and storytelling through evocative imagery. Through her practice, she seeks to reflect on the relationships between the reader and the illustrated image, and their uses and experiences, which challenge the productive logics of the publishing industry. Roser investigates new forms that open spaces for reflection and observation of the illustrated objects.  

The artist will be doing her experimental internship until December, establishing bonds with researchers, and developing her art in the spaces of IBEC, where she has transferred part of her artistic studio.  

Roser Cussó is an illustrator, and her practice focuses mainly on illustrated children’s and youth albums and creative editions. She has studied the Degree in Art History and has subsequently trained as an illustrator at the Eina school, she has also taken different drawing courses in Denmark and the United Kingdom. . 

“Imagination and fiction, as research tools, can help us to build fictional spaces to draw the invisible. Through this artistic research, I want to find new starting points on which to build new narratives”.  

Her work has been displayed at different collective and individual exhibitions, such as Espai Barna of Ferro (Barcelona); The Museu d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelona); Urbana Project (Brussels); Laerdansk Aarhus (Denmark); Arla Foods (Denmark); The Cheltenham Illustration Awards (UK) and Sharjah Exhibition for Children’s Books Illustrations (Arab emirates).  

In recent years her work has been recognized by the Unpublished Picturebook Showcase (Belgium), by the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition (Italy) and he has received the Carnet Jove de Disseny 2021 grant. 

This project, which has been led by Teresa Sanchis, head of the Strategic Initiatives department at IBEC, and by Pilar Jiménez, head of the Communication department, is aligned with the objective of promoting transdisciplinary research.  

“This type of project helps to incorporate the artistic gaze into the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge”, Teresa Sanchis.  


Workshop of Illustration for researchers at IBEC 

During these months, Roser will impart an illustration workshop for IBEC’s researchers from the study framework of the artistic project. In this workshop, the scientists’ gaze will be valued to contribute new material to the resident’s creative process. 


An exhibition is expected to be inaugurated in February to publicize part of the work that the artist will have been creating during the months of her stay, and an artistic workshop will be scheduled for a family audience. 

Follow up of the project  

In this space, Roser is sharing her impressions during the different creative phases of the project, and the evolution of the project can also be tracked.  

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