Samuel Sánchez receives the Research Excellence award from RSEQ

Samuel Sánchez, ICREA research professor at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), receives the “Research Excellence” award given by the Spanish Real Society of Chemistry. The ceremony, which was held in the Chemistry Faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela on last 18th of October, hosted the delivery of the awards and distinctions from the RSEQ corresponding to the 2022 yearly edition.

The Real Spanish Society of Chemistry was created in 1903 as the Real Spanish Society of Physics and Chemistry, and from 1980 it started to operate in solitary. Currently, it counts with more than 5000 members, positioning it as the first Spanish scientific society in number of members, followed by the physics and mathematics, and the third European society (also in number of members), behind Germany and the Netherlands.  

«Should be seen as the most important awards in Chemistry of Spain, as the awards that the chemistry community gives to their colleagues» Dr. Echavarren, president of the RSEQ

Samuel Sánchez is doctor in Chemistry by the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona, and prior to his work at IBEC, he worked at the Max Planck and Leibniz in Germany and in Japan. He received numerous awards for his pioneer work with nanobots, as well as some of the most competitive projects at national and European level, such as four ERC Grants, including the Consolidator Grant that he currently holds. He published more than 150 papers, invited to present at more than 130 conferences, and has 7 patents, one of them licensed as a spin-off in which he is co-founder.  

During the ceremony, it was also delivered the following awards: “Medal of the RSEQ”, “Recognition to distinguished research careers” and “Educational and divulgate tasks in preuniversity studies”. Also, they did a recognition to all the members with more than forty-five years of membership, and they delivered the distinction to the “Chemistry Europe Fellows Class of 2020-2021″.  

The other Research Excellence Awards were given to Dra. Aitziber López Cortajarena, from CIC biomaGUNE; Dr. Carlos Martí Gastaldo, from ICMol-Universidad of Valencia; and Dr. Iván Mora Seró, from the Universidad Jaime I. 

In this edition, the presidential table was formed by Dr. Jesús Sanmartín, dean of the Chemistry faculty from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.  

The presentation of the awarded was done by the general secretary of RSEQ, Dra. Sonsoles Martín Santamaría who introduced each of the awards.  

You can watch the full ceremony in their YouTube chanel