Santiago Marco is the new vice-president of the International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing

The aim of the society is to advance in the research and application of olfaction and chemical sensing. Professionals from different backgrounds are members of this multidisciplinary community. The society has four action lines; promote interdisciplinary exchanges within the chemical sensing community; consolidate diverse expertise; improve skills for researchers providing intensive training and workshops; and facilitate the use of chemical sensing in appropriate applications, making sure there is a smooth transition from development to commercialisation, the society improves the success rate in the application of new sensing systems.

The Signal and information processing for sensing systems research group is interested in intelligent chemical instruments for the detection of volatile compounds and smells. The group, led by Santiago Marco, develops algorithmic solutions for the automatic processing signals and data in chemical instrumentation used to measure gases and volatile substances. This work has applications in metabolomics, toxicology and food science.