Senior Translational Material Scientist/Chemist at the Molecular Bionics Group (STM_GB)

Introduction to the vacant position:

Join Our Team at Molecular Bionics as a Polymer Chemist!

Are you passionate about pushing the boundaries of science and positively impacting human health? The Molecular Bionics group at IBEC seeks a talented and motivated Polymer Chemist to join our dynamic team. As a key member of our research group, you will play a crucial role in synthesizing biodegradable and metabolizable polyesters, formulating nanomedicines, and supporting our translation efforts to design and develop novel anti-inflammatory medicines.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises physicists, chemists, materials scientists, neurobiologists, immunologists, and cell and molecular biologists. Through innovative experimentation and computation, we aim to create ground-breaking therapies. We integrate fundamental science with bioengineering and prioritise translating our advancements into practical clinical solutions. With past success in launching commercial ventures, we plan to investigate the potential of merging our macrophage targeting technique with active metabolic polymers to develop fresh anti-inflammatory medicines under the auspice of an ERC Proof of Concept grant (MAIN).

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Synthesis of Biodegradable and Metabolizable Polyesters: You will be responsible for designing and synthesizing novel polymeric materials with specific properties suitable for medical applications. Your expertise in polymerisation techniques and structure-property relationships will be essential in developing biodegradable and metabolizable polyesters.
  • Formulation of Nanomedicines: You will lead the formulation efforts to create nanoscale units using synthesized polymeric materials. By optimising the nanoparticle formulation parameters, such as size, stability, and degradation rate, you will contribute to the development of efficient and targeted therapies. Your knowledge of polymer chemistry and supramolecular assembly systems will be critical in formulating therapeutics that effectively target and treat inflammatory diseases.
  • Translation and Development of Anti-Inflammatory Medicines: You will actively support our translation efforts by working alongside several internal group members and external collaborators to design and develop novel anti-inflammatory medicines. We are in the early stage of spinning out a new company and thus looking for individuals with a strong interest in translational research.

Required skills for candidates:

  1. A PhD in Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, or a related field. Alternatively, candidates without PhD but with significant industry experience (+5 years) in the polymer chemistry field may also be considered.
  • Proven experience in synthesizing and characterizing polymers, specifically biodegradable polyesters.
  • Familiarity with techniques such as controlled radical polymerisation (e.g., ATRP, RAFT), ring-opening polymerisation (e.g., ROP, ROCOP), polymer purification, and characterisation (e.g., using NMR, GPC, DSC, TGA).

Desirable skills for candidates:

  • Strong background in nanoparticle formulation and supramolecular self-assembly.
  • Experience designing and evaluating therapeutic formulations for in vitro and in vivo studies.
  • Knowledge of anti-inflammatory drug development and translation from bench to bedside is highly desirable.

We Offer:

  • Opportunity to work at the forefront of scientific innovation, contributing to developing life-changing therapies.
  • A collaborative and dynamic work environment with a diverse team of talented professionals.
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Strong emphasis on personal and professional growth with opportunities for career advancement, particularly here with a clear progression in translating technology.
  • Number of available positions: 1
  • Starting date: any date after 1/09/2023
  • Working conditions:
  • 18 month permanent full-time contract linked to the duration of the project.
  • Competitive salary.
  • There are various measures available to help balance work and family life, including maternity and paternity leave, flexible working hours, 23 days of paid holidays, and an additional 9 days of leave for personal matters, among other options.

How to apply:

Until 31st of August 2023 an online application form is available through IBEC dedicated site:  

Only those applications submitted before the deadline will be evaluated.

Reference: STM-GB

If you have any further questions regarding your application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or with Prof Giuseppe Battaglia (

Principles of the selection process:

IBEC is committed to the principles of the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers of the European Commission and the Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment principles (OTM-R)

IBEC´s Commitment to equal opportunity:

Our strength and excellence as an international transdisciplinary Research Institute are based on diversity.  Being an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, supporting employees irrespective of their gender, nationality, religion, disabilities, age, sexual identity, or cultural and socioeconomic background.”

IBEC actively looks for female candidates for Senior positions (Postdoctoral and GL positions), ensuring that at least 40% of shortlisted applicants invited to interview have to be women with a comparable level of CVs as the male candidates. At the end of the evaluation process, in case of equal merit, priority will be given to female candidates.

For candidates with children from outside Barcelona, we offer babysitting services during the interview, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than doing a good interview. Contact us if you are interested in this service.  

IBEC, as a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), will consider, especially for early-stage investigators, much more the scientific content of research outputs, than publication metrics or the identity of the journal in which it were published.

Protection of personal data:

IBEC guarantees that candidates’ data are processed by the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Law 3/2018 on Data Protection.

Personal data will be processed solely for the selection process.

Who are we?

The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, IBEC is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on Bioengineering and Nanomedicine based in Barcelona. IBEC is one of the top research institutions named as a Severo Ochoa Research Centre by the Ministry of Science, Universities, and Innovation, which recognizes excellence at the highest international level in research, training, human resources, outreach, and technology transfer.

IBEC’s mission is to develop international high-quality, interdisciplinary research that, while creating knowledge, contributes to making a better quality of life, improving health, and creating wealth. A close link with key universities, reference hospitals, and corporations are assets that facilitate achieving the mission.

IBEC was established in 2005 by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia), the University of Barcelona (UB), and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

IBEC is located within the Barcelona Science Park and is managing 3.800 square meters of facilities, with an annual budget of 13 M €; 3.800 square meters of facilities; 21 research groups and a team of researchers and support services of 350 people from 30 different countries.