NANOMED Spain will continue promoting nanomedicine in Spain

The Spanish Nanomedicine Platform, NANOMED Spain, has renewed the “Support for Technological and Innovation Platforms” granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation for the period 2023-2024. Coordinated by IBEC since its foundation in 2005, the platform brings together companies, academia, and administration in a collaborative space with the goal of expediting the translation of nanomedicine from research to the clinic and the market.

Members of the coordination team of NANOMED Spain. From left to right: Cristina Arimany, Josep Samitier, Teresa Sanchis and Maria Arista.

NANOMED Spain is a platform coordinated by IBEC that was established in 2005 as a communication tool for all stakeholders in the nanomedicine sector, including technology and research centers, universities, hospitals, and a part of the Spanish public administration. Its primary goal is to expedite the translation of nanomedicine from the early stages of research to its market availability and clinical application.

Last week, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation made the final resolution public regarding the granting of “Support for Technological and Innovation Platforms.” As per the resolution, NANOMED Spain has been awarded funding for the period 2023-2024.

These funds will enable the platform to continue fulfilling its objectives, which include coordinating collaborative efforts between companies and academia, strengthening the presence of the Spanish industry in international initiatives, raising awareness about the potential of nanomedicine among citizens, promoting sustainable research and development, and encouraging the participation of the nanomedicine sector in national and international R&D programs.

The platform has Josep Samitier, the director of IBEC, serving as the scientific coordinator, Teresa Sanchis, the head of IBEC’s Strategy Unit, as the executive coordinator, Cristina Arimany, also from IBEC’s Strategy Unit, as the project manager, and María Arista, from IBEC’s Communication and PR Unit, as the communication technician.

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