The Congress of the Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering brings together more than 200 researchers with the slogan “For a Personalised and Universal Health”

The Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital in Santander hosted from November 27th to 29th the XXXVII Annual Congress of the Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering (CASEIB2019). At the inauguration the Minister of Health stressed the “vital importance” of Biomedical Engineering and his commitment in creating the professional category within the health service.

CASEIB2019 had numerous high-level scientific studies within: Signal Processing, Image Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation, Telemedicine, e-Health, System Modelling, Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Surgical Planning and Simulation, Biophotonics and Biomaterials.

It should be noted that the IBEC contributed 13 papers in the conference that alongside other groups, gained a total of 40 CIBER-BBN presentations.

CASEIB is the national reference forum for the scientific-technical exchange of knowledge, experience and promotion of R&D&i in Biomedical Engineering, as well as the coordination and promotion of Education in Biomedical Engineering (Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate) with their student performance. At present, 17 degrees in Biomedical Engineering are taught in Spain. CASEIB is also a meeting point for scientists, industry professionals, biomedical engineers and clinical professionals interested in the latest developments within research, education and industrial and clinical application of Biomedical Engineering.

The José María Ferrero Corral Prize competition for Master and Doctorate students, and the Biomedical Engineering Degree Students Competition were once again held during the SEIB congress.

The conference programme included guest lectures on “Biophotonics”, “Immune Therapies and CAR-T Cells” and “Robotic Surgery in Clinical Practice”, as well as round tables on the “Clinical problems in the hospital and the role of biomedical engineering” and “Innovation in health technologies”.

The SEIB is the main scientific society dedicated to Biomedical Engineering in Spain, with a mission to promote and facilitate contact between companies, professionals, researchers and students, who work in all branches of this multidisciplinary field. The SEIB belongs to international societies such as the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) and the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science (EAMBES).

Participants of CASEIB2019 during the welcome ceremony at the University of Cantabria assembly hall.