We want to be like you: scientists!

For several days, 3 to 12 years students from the Primary School “CEIP San Rafael” in Cádiz were involved in the preparation of this event, in which, through various activities referenced in the figure of Núria Montserrat, they discovered what bioengineering is and the benefits it brings to the field of biomedicine. They also met the different research projects that Nuria does in her laboratory, in which disciplines such as tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting and genetic editing are combined.



It is especially important to take advantage of these special days to highlight, more than ever, the role of women in the field of biomedical research, explains Núria Montserrat.

Activities culminated in a videoconference among the class of 11 years old students and the researcher, where Núria talked about her day-to-day work in the laboratory and the research related to COVID-19, and why it is important to understand how coronavirus infects human cells, using minikidneys and heart organoids.
The students were very interested in her work and her experience as a scientist, and Núria explained that the research career is a fascinating profession where the most important thing is collaboration among people.












It is important to celebrate this day so that you and the next generations do not have to make from this day something significant, because it will be normal for men and women to work together, on equal terms, to make progress and build a better society, concluded Núria Montserrat in a video she sent to the students.