I deeply regret that this adorable book is so unappealingly designed. My mindset for my current research was particularly inspired by it. I have tried my best to present it in the best possible light. Thus I was very happy to find some trash in the streets that literally picked up the thread 🪱

Advanced capitalism and its bio-genetic technologies engender a perverse form of the posthuman. At its core there is a radical disruption of the human–animal interaction, but all living species are caught in the spinning machine of the global economy. The genetic code of living matter – ‘Life itself’ (Rose, 2007) – is the main capital. Globalization means the commercialization of planet Earth in all its forms, through a series of inter-related modes of appropriation.

🪱 texts by Ingeborg Reichle + Jutta Weber + Donna Harraway familiarised me with the term and concept of TechnoScience +