11F: IBECers celebrate and promote women in science

Last February 11, on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, IBEC researchers and staff gave talks in different schools around Catalonia. The objective of these meetings was to bring science closer to schools and to make more visible female scientific talent.

A total of 14 IBECers participated in the #100tífiques event, which gathered almost 500 female researchers and almost 40.000 students. By combining face-to-face and virtual meetings, the participants answered all the questions from the students, encouraged them to study science and highlighted the role of women in science, by braking gender stereotypes. 

This is the fourth year that the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) and the “Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology” (BIST), in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Generalitat, have put together this event.  

The following female researchers and staff participated in the talks at schools: Marta Badia, Alba Herrero, Judith Fuentes, Zaida Alvarez, Ainhoa Ferret, Ona Baguer, Maria Guix, Isabel Saez, Marina Inés Giannotti, Rossella Castagna, Ainoa Tejedera, Lucia Roman, Ana Beatriz Moreno and Aurora Dols. 

Apart from the “100tífiques” initiative, other IBECers took part in this very special day, devoted to women in girls in science, and performed scientific workshops in schools.  

Núria Torras researcher at the “Biomimetic systems for cell engineering” went to a school in Terrassa and imparted a workshop to 28 students from primary school about cells. The students were able to look at real cell samples using a microscope and they talked about what the human body is made of and how the cells work. 

In addition, Pilar Jiménez, Science education coordinator, and Júlia Sala, PhD student of the “Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology” went to the Gayarre School, our Magnet partner, to talk about neurons and how our brain gathers and processes information. To do so, they carried out two workshops focused on two of the human senses: sight and touch. 
The Gayarre School and IBEC collaborate thanks to the Magnet program, an initiative promoted by the Jaume Bofill Foundation, the Department of Education, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Barcelona Education Consortium and the UAB Institute of Education Sciences.