IBEC and the French Cluster Medicen Paris Region join forces to create the event “Bioengineering and Medtech against Cancer”

The event, that will take place on November 24 and 25, also launches an innovative model in which researchers, engineers and doctors interact in order to discuss solutions to current cancer-related health problems. 

In order to face the health challenges of the 21st century, it is important to combine the more recent bioengineering and medical technologies and for this purpose, the promotion of innovation model where scientists, engineers and doctors will work in close collaboration are crucial.

In this context, “Bioengineering and Medtech against Cancer” is a two-day course in which bioengineering and medical technology will share the stage to develop biological system analysis and innovative treatment procedures in order to specifically combat cancer cells, limiting negative effects of side effects for patients. Leading techniques that could soon be applied in health systems, such as liquid biopsy, targeted drug administration, chip tumor, mechanobiology and Car-T therapy, among others, will be addressed. In addition, there will be a transversal session to discuss the barriers and opportunities for transferring these technologies to the clinic. 

The ToHealth Short Course 2020 aims to boost the international diffusion of oncology research projects and facilitate their transfer to society. The short course will encourage impactful entrepreneurship that takes a predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory approach to medicine.

This virtual and completely free event will bring together international experts, including Samuel Sánchez, Pere Roca-Cusachs, Nuria Montserrat, Joan Montero and Josep Samitier from IBEC, to present technological advances, future trends and opportunities in the fight against cancer using bioengineering and MedTech.

As part of this project, a call for expressions of interest has been thus launched for all project leaders in the field of oncology. This initiative will give to the 12 most interesting projects the possibility to pitch in front of a panel of experts composed by industrialists, academics, and investors during the Innovation Track on November 25. More than 300 participants are already registered in the platform.

More information and registrations here 


Cancer is one of the pathologies that can benefit most from the novel bioengineering approach, at the frontiers of life science and engineering, that brings together fields such as nanomedicine, biophysics, mechanobiology, biotechnology and ICT.

Josep Samitier, Director of  IBEC


In line with the EU cancer mission, we aims to set up a very ambitious program that allows participants to learn more about the last oncology developments, to discuss together on the main challenges and start new collaborations with relevant European partners active in the field


Daniela ONOFRI, European Project Manager for Medicen Paris Region