IBEC’s Xavier Trepat a guest star at Big Vang’s first anniversary

Xavier Trepat, ICREA professor and group leader at IBEC, was the guest star at the first anniversary celebration of Big Vang, La Vanguardia’s online science section

bigvangAt the event on 7th June, where Xavier shared the stage with the director of IRB Joan Guinovart, the relationship between scientists and journalists was discussed – a relationship that can sometimes be a little illusive, as journalist Cristina Saez put it, referring to the disagreements that can arise between the two sides when explaining science to the public. Along with fellow journalist Núria Jar, she introduced questions to the invited guests.

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In turn, Xavier Trepat opined that it was important to trust journalists, and that he never insists that they send him an article for review before publication. “They are responsible for what they write, and that must be respected. I wouldn’t like it if they reviewed my work,” he said. He mentioned that, when asked to explain a science story, he feels like an alien when a reporter asks how his research can be applied to the ‘real world’, implying that it is somehow intended for an unreal or parallel world.

The event, held at the Palau Macaya and attended by over 160 people from the scientific community and the media, ended with the presentation of the Big Vang Medal to Dr. Antoni Trilla from Hospital Clinic, in recognition of his collaboration with the media to clarify the medical aspects that can arise when writing a news story.