Samuel Sánchez wins National Research Award for Young Talent

Samuel was selected for his pioneering work in in the development of self-propelled nanomotors and nanorobots, devices with huge potential for advances in medical applications such as targeted drug delivery, as well as in environmental issues such as the fight against water pollution.

“I’m extremely happy to be selected from among the high level of talented young scientists in Catalonia, of which there are many, so the competition for this prize is always very high,” says Samuel. “It’s also a tremendous honour that the work we’ve been doing over the last few years has been recognised by the FCRI, a highly-regarded foundation with a great reputation.”

The National Research Awards encourage the recognition of science, and are awarded to researchers, sponsors, businessmen or journalists. This year’s winner of the Premi Nacional de Recerca was ICFO Director Lluís Torner, and three organisations won non-cash prizes: the Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica went to Televisió de Catalunya’s ‘Dinàmiks’ programme, the Premi Nacional de Mecenatge Científic went to Fundació Bancària “la Caixa”, and the Premi Nacional al Partenariat Publicoprivat en R+I was awarded to the Centre Tecnològic de l’Aigua.

The international jury, chaired by president of the FCRI Antoni Esteve, comprised Deborah Charlesworth (Uinversity of Edinburgh/ Royal Society), Mar Capeans (CERN), Louise McNally (UPF), Ramon Gomis de Barberà (IDIBAPS/UB), Miguel Ángel Lagunas (CTTC); Salvador Barberà (UAB), Arcadi Navarro, secretary of Universities and Research at the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Francesc Subirada, DG of Research at the Generalitat. The secretary was FCRI’s director general, Rafael Marín.