The third medical revolution: regenerative medicine

Until a few years ago, it was thought that the body’s ability to regenerate was limited to some tissues and that there were others especially complex, such as the cardiac or nervous, that could not do so. But that dogma has fallen, which has meant a radical conceptual change: medicine can now try to repair the deterioration that occurs in complex organs such as the heart and also repair the central nervous system or the brain.

We talk about the organs on a chip, organoids that have been especially useful because the infection affected several organs and this system allowed to know simultaneously the efficacy or toxicity that the different drugs could have in all of them, up to the 3D bioprinters to be able to prepare the material that has to be implanted later in a patient.

When the heart is damaged by a heart attack, regenerative medicine seeks to repair the affected part of the organ by adding, removing and restoring tissue that has stopped working.

Josep Samitier, director of IBEC

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