A study led by IBEC successfully mimics the complex neuroblastoma vasculature on a chip to explore treatments for this pediatric cancer

Two studies led by IBEC have successfully mimicked the transdifferentiation process of the neuroblastoma vasculature in in vitro models. These models, one in 2D and the other on a microfluidic chip, provide platforms for identifying new biomarkers and designing effective therapies against this type of cancer.

Nanomedicine to tackle rare diseases

Experts in nanomedicine from various fields have gathered today for the fifth consecutive year at Nano Rare Diseases Day. This event is co-organized by the NANOMED Spain platform, coordinated by IBEC, and SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, showcasing the latest advances in nanomedicine for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

IBEC Drives Dialogue on Innovations in Personalized Medicine and Emerging Therapies at Barcelona Health Innovation Week

Today, on February 14, IBEC organized the roundtable “Challenges in Innovation in Personalized Medicine and Emerging Therapies.” The event is part of Barcelona Health Innovation Week, organized by Biocat. It fostered a dialogue where experts from diverse fields shared their perspectives on identifying opportunities to propel the utilization of new technologies in the healthcare sector.

Nanomedicine experts gather on World Cancer Nanoday

Once again, experts in nanomedicine from various fields gathered in Barcelona on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The meeting provided an opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in nanomedicine for combating cancer, covering topics such as early diagnosis, controlled drug release, and radiotherapy employing nanoparticles.

IBEC organized the conference “The Future of Personalized Medicine” as part of the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology Applied to Health

Last Friday, the conference took place in Barcelona, bringing together over 100 attendees from the biomedical research field in Spain. Representatives from the Department of Health and Research and Universities of the Catalan Government were also present.

IBEC showcases its technological capabilities to foster new partnerships at BIOSPAIN

IBEC showcases its technological capabilities to foster new partnerships at BIOSPAIN. IBEC representatives actively participated in the BIOSPAIN conference, seizing the opportunity to highlight the institute’s advancements in science and technology. Over the three days of the event, they presented various aspects, ranging from basic research to the coordination of state plans and technology transfer conducted at IBEC. BIOSPAIN, a premier congress in Europe, brings together more than 850 innovative entities specializing in health, sustainable agri-food practices, and solutions against climate change.