Change of ownership for Nanotechnology Platform

The acquisition of the high-tech platform is part of the institute’s longer-term strategic plan to create new scientific–technical facilities in Nanofabrication and Bionanocharacterization (Physic-chemical and Images). Among other equipment and services, these new facilities will incorporate the 150m2 Platform, which includes a cleanroom and state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization tools.

“At IBEC we believe that such facilities are crucial to support the continuation and development of our research areas,” says IBEC Director Josep A. Planell. “The planned new facilities will also promote the cooperation and exchange of knowledge between IBEC scientists and other institutions.”

Isabel Oliveira, Head of Infrastructures at IBEC, will be responsible for the running of the Nanotechnology Platform, and existing technicians Raúl Pérez, Judith Linacero and Marina Cazorla will be incorporated into IBEC’s personnel.