IBEC organized the III Meeting of the Spanish Chapter ESB

The meeting’s main mission was to put professionals and researchers in the field of biomechanics in touch, to enhance collaboration between universities, hospitals and companies and also to encourage dissemination and promotion of studies in this field throughout Spain.

“The highlights of the conference, which took place in a very friendly atmosphere, has been the scientific quality of the papers” said Jérôme Noailly, member of the organizing committee and researcher at IBEC, after the meeting. “We’re grateful for the participation of the business and hospital sectors, who shared their experiences with the researchers in a constructive way.”

Almost 50% of the meeting participants also took part in three courses given the day before, which were established with the intention of providing an overview of the techniques used for the development of a patient model form clinical data.

The papers “Explicit simulation of muscle activation in combination with intervertebral disc swelling reproduces in vivo intradiscal pressures in a L3-S1 lumbo-sacral spine model” presented by Themis Toumanidou in the Science category and “The role of both micro/nano-topography and Na+ ion to enhance osseointegration” presented by Marc Fernández Yagüe in the Technology Transfer and Clinics category were awarded for their excellence, content and presentation.

During the meeting, the election of the Chapter’s executive committee also took place, whose candidates were Sebastian Idelsohn, Javier Martínez Reina and Jérôme Noailly.