IBEC participates in the Presentation of the Hub for Advanced and Emerging Therapies in Catalonia

On December 1, 2023, the Action Plan for Catalonia’s Advanced and Emerging Therapies Hub was unveiled at the Department of Health of Catalonia. Hosted by Biocat, the event underscored the significance of this pioneering initiative.

Credit: Biocat

The Hub, under Biocat’s coordination, emerges as a pivotal force in establishing Catalonia as a European leader in the clinical development of advanced therapies. This offers IBEC a unique chance to shape the future of research and innovation in this critical field.

The project aims to identify and align public and private stakeholders within the BioRegion for this hub, working to ensure the entire value chain, from the generation and development of therapies to market access and healthcare system integration. IBEC’s participation ensures essential insights and expertise in this emerging area.

During the presentation, Núria Montserrat, Deputy Director of Clinical Translation Initiatives at IBEC and Principal Investigator of the Pluripotency for Organ Regeneration group, shared some reflections. Several experts in the field participated in the debates, including Roger Torrent i Ramió, Minister of Enterprise and Labour, and Manel Juncosa, Minister of Health. IBEC’s presence in this discussion forum solidifies its position as a key player in the development of advanced and emerging therapies.

With this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing science and technology for the benefit of global health and position IBEC as an indispensable part of this transformative project for Catalonia.

Josep Samitier, Director of IBEC.