The Spanish Nanomedicine Platform coordinated by IBEC receives a new boost

The Spanish Nanomedicine Platform brings together the main Spanish actors in research, industry and administration, in order to promote a common strategy in the field of nanomedicine. The Nanomed Spain family has the support of more than 170 institutions with the aim of accelerating the translation of nanomedicine from the first stages of research to its arrival on the market and in the clinic. 

The biomedical and biotechnological sector industry plays a key leadership role in the Platform, actively supported by technology centres, research organizations, universities and hospitals, as well as by the Spanish public administration.

During this 2020, a year marked by the pandemic, Nanomed Spain activity has not slowed down and has adapted very quickly to the virtual world. Specifically, this year 6 virtual events and 2 face-to-face have been organized. In addition, every month, the platform issues its monthly newsletter to all members of the platform and all its subscribers with news from the sector, financing possibilities, upcoming events…



Educational material Nanomed Spain

To all this, the platform has launched a new educational initiative. During 2020, the platform has created educational materials that explain, in a very didactic way, different concepts related to the field of Nanomedicine aimed at primary school students. A total of 9 educational files have been created, dealing with topics such as diagnosis, regeneration or drug delivery, which will be published throughout 2021. The Nanomed Spain platform will bet, during the next two years, on scientific dissemination and thus make the advances in nanomedicine understandable and accessible to everyone.

During the next two years, Nanomed Spain will continue with its mission to obtain a greater number of national and European projects in the nanomedicine sector that help in the growth of this emerging field in the health ecosystem in our country and at the European level.

To this end, different conferences on funding opportunities will continue to be promoted, as well as annual events such as “NanoWorld Cancer Day” or “Nano Rare Disease Day.” Activities in the field of nanosecurity will also carry on, together with the Materplat Materials Technology Platform, after the success of the nanotoxicology conferences organized in 2018 and 2020, for which it is planned to organize another in 2022.

In addition, collaboration with the clinic will be promoted by organizing workshops on clinical translation from research to the patient, to bring together research groups, companies and doctors to identify clinical needs in which nanomedicine can provide solutions. These events will be co-organized in collaboration with the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB), with whom the platform has recently established a collaboration, specifically through the COMB “Health Entrepreneurship Program”, which promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and companies.

In the framework of collaboration with other platforms, the collaborations already established with other platforms such as FENIN, Materplat, 3Neo and the Health platforms will continue and collaborations with new platforms such as Vet + I and Fotonics 21 will start in the following months.

More about Nanomed Spain

Nanomed Spain was created in 2005 based on the model of the European Technological Platforms and in particular, of the Nanomedicine European Technology Platform (ETPN), also created in 2005 by the industrial partners of the area and the European Commission as a communication tool for all players in the sector with the aim of contributing to the joint development of new and innovative medical products and applications.

The Nanomed Spain platform is coordinated by the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and Josep Samitier (currently director of the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and member of the CIBER-BBN) is the scientific coordinator of the platform, Teresa Sanchis is the executive coordinator and with Laura Lechuga (group leader of the CIBER-BBN at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ICN2) as secretary of the platform.

The Technological Platforms contribute to solve challenges of great socio-economic interest, by integrating in a common space companies, academia and administration with the mission of defining a coommon strategic research agenda in their sector.