Electronic nose on a drone sniffs out wastewater plant stink

Researchers from Spain have engineered a portable electronic nose (e-nose) that’s almost as sharp as a human nose at sniffing out wastewater treatment plants’ stink. Coupled with a drone, the lightweight e-nose can measure the concentration of different smells, predict odor intensity and produce a real-time odor map of the plant for management. The method developed was published November 16 in the journal iScience.

Greener than ever: IBEC launches its sustainability strategy

The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) presents its strategy for sustainability which is committed to promote more sustainable practices in research and administration. With this initiative IBEC, an international excellence center focused on bioengineering solutions for health, takes the lead to fight climate change, pollution and non-sustainable practices with more strategy and actions.

Climate matters! IBEC community moves against climate change

In an action led by Communications Unit, IBEC community met today to contribute to fight climate change. During the action, participants inserted into an “Open box against climate change” their ideas and suggestions in order to improve the sustainabiluity of the Institute and help to reduce impact of the research on climate. More than hundred contributions were collected and all the attendees received a small olive tree, symbol of the IBEC and sustainability.