Bioengineering and its experts at the 2021 “City and Science Biennial”

Between 8th and 13th June will take place the second edition of the “Barcelona City and Science Biennial” and IBEC will be one of the centres that will contribute thanks to its experts. In addition, this Biennial culminates with the 14th edition of the Science Festival, with many proposals to experience science in first-hand.

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Barcelona will be full of science, and bioenineering will be one of the protagonists. Under the motto “Get close to science, make it yours!” the City and Science biennial is an initiative promoted by the Barcelona City Council through the Culture, Science, Education and Community division, and by the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) and organized by a committee of nine commissioners, including the Professor of ICREA research and Head of Group at IBEC, Núria Montserrat. 

This second edition of the City and Science Biennial will take place between June 8-13, where the latest scientific advances will be presented to the citizens and debate and opinion will be encouraged. In this edition, a key concept inspires all activities: the idea of limits. Limits understood in a very broad sense that have served as a coordinate axis to the transversal themes that will be discussed during the Biennial. 

In this framework, many of the activities of this Biennial revolve around the limits of the planet, of society and of science itself, and pose the consequences of crossing those boundaries and it’s effects on people, humanity and the environment. Disciplines such as bioengineering or regenerative medicine, and issues that mark the frontiers of current science have direct implications on these limits and are the subject of debate in various activities. 

“We want the city to bring together its cultural and scientific points of view, encourage citizen participation and debate on research and reinforce the presence of women in the science world”, says Núria Montserrat, principal investigator of the pluripotency for organ regeneration group. 

Two IBEC experts participate in the activities scheduled for this year: Samuel Sánchez, Research Professor and leader of the “Smart Nano-bio-devices” group, which will do so at the – “Pecha Kucha express: art, science, technology “, and also Núria Montserrat, with the micro-talk on “Human organoids to understand Covid-19“. 

Furthermore, Anke Kleff, Senior HR Development Officer at IBEC, will participate in a round table moderated by Nuria Montserrat about “Expanding the influence of women in science” within the framework of #100tífiques as a part of the City and Science Biennial programme. 

To wrap it all up and to close this second edition of the Biennial, on Sunday 13th June, the 14th edition of the Science Festival will be held, which opens a new space on the seafront with workshops, experiments, micro-talks, , visits, games and live shows. The Science Festival is the result of the joint work of universities, research centres, other scientific institutions and the companies and professionals of the scientific dissemination, which with their proposals are part of the program that this year has 121 activities, 187 participants and 95 institutions. 

For more information on the Science Festival, you can check the website. 

To see the full program of the Biennal and for registrations, you can visit the website.