Bladder tumours reduced by 90% using nanorobots

The research, which was conducted on mice, demonstrates how these tiny nanomachines are propelled by urea present in urine and precisely target the tumour, attacking it with a radioisotope carried on their surface. Led by the IBEC and CIC biomaGUNE, the study opens the door to new, more efficient treatments for bladder cancer.

Samuel Sanchez receives the Constantes y Vitales Award

IBEC researcher Samuel Sánchez has been honored with the 2023 Constantes y Vitales Award in the “Young Talent in Biomedical Research” category for his work on designing self-propelled nanorobots capable of delivering drugs within the human body. This initiative, presented by LaSexta and AXA Foundation, aims to foster biomedical research in Spain and spotlight the contributions of its scientists.

Samuel Sánchez Receives ERC Proof of Concept Grant to Target Mucinous Tumors with his Nanorobots

Samuel Sánchez has successfully secured an “ERC Proof of Concept” grant, provided by the European Research Council (ERC), to explore the application of his nanorobots in the treatment of mucus-secreting tumors. This prestigious grant enables researchers to assess the feasibility and potential for knowledge transfer of their research projects.

Observed in vivo the collective movement of nanorobots 

A team of researchers led by Samuel Sánchez from IBEC has monitored, for the first time, the behaviour of a swarm of nanorobots inside living mice. The study, published in the prestigious journal Science Robotics, reveals a coordinated movement, which could result in a very promising future in the field of precision medicine. 

IBEC’S Nano Robots presented at the European Research Council

Research Professor Samuel Sánchez presented last March 3rd in Brussels the new generation of NanoBots and BioBots developed in his research group at Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) in Barcelona.

The presentation took place during the European Research Council (ERC) Seminars. The audience was composed of scientific personnel of ERC, as well as a general audience from the European Commission.
With the title “Nanobots to 3D BioBots as future tools in robotics and medicine” Professor Sánchez presented during his seminar, fundamental aspects of catalytically powered nanoparticles -also called nanobots-, their applications in environmental remediation and also in future smart nanomedicine.