Research news

Controlling brain states with a ray of light 

A study led by researchers from IBEC and IDIBAPS achieves, for the first time, the control of brain state transitions using a molecule responsive to light, named PAI.  The results not only pave the way to act on the brain patterns activity, but they also could lead to the development of photomodulated drugs for the treatment of brain lesions or diseases such as depression, bipolar disorders or Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases. 

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Other news

The heroes of the pandemic and their experience at IBEC, in tribute to the victims of COVID19

The brilliant medical student, Laia Marcos, has been one of the protagonists of the tribute broadcast by TVE to the victims of COVID19 that took place today at the Royal Palace. Marcos lived a decisive step in her life, during hher stay in the laboratory of the pioneer researcher Samuel Sánchez at IBEC, with the help of the also scientific and expert Maria Guix.

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