Marina Giannotti and Nina Kostina receive the BIST Mothers of Science Grant

The IBEC senior researchers were two of the winners of the fourth edition of the call for applications. Through this initiative, BIST recognises and supports scientist mothers working to reach a leading position and advance the research in their fields.

BIST Forum, a meeting to highlight the value of frontier research

The BIST Forum has discussed how excellent science enhances the development of society and economic growth. The event was attended by the President of the Catalan Government, the Mayor of Barcelona, the heads of the highest economic institutions and the rectors of the main universities. At the event, the new BIST IGNITE projects for multidisciplinary research were announced, three of which have the participation of IBEC.

IBEC´s Zaida Álvarez, Lorena Ruiz and Anna Seriola awarded at the third edition of the BIST “To the Mothers of Science” program

IBEC researchers Zaida Álvarez, Lorena Ruiz and Anna Seriola, along with 7 other scientists, have been declared winners of this third edition of the “To the Mothers of Science” program organized by the “Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology” (BIST) which aims to support outstanding female researchers on their pathway towards positions of greater responsibility.

IBEC researchers win two “BIST Ignite Seed Grants”

IBEC researchers receive two “Ignite Seed Grants” to combine their skills with other BIST members to seek scientific answers to health challenges. Benedetta Bolognesi will study, with the IRB, Huntington’s disease and other neurodegenerative pathologies without treatment. On the other hand, Juan Manuel Fernández-Costa and researchers at ICFO will develop muscles-on-a-chip and biomagnetism sensors to accelerate the design of new treatments for muscular dystrophy.

BIST and UIC Barcelona recruit six researchers through the FBA Fellows. James Eills from the University of Southampton will join IBEC

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) and the Universitat International de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) have recruited six researchers through the FBA Fellows programme, backed by the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, which aimed at promoting outstanding scientific teaching and research in the fields of health and environment. 

IBEC is a partner in four out of five 2018 BIST Ignite Grants awarded to multidisciplinary research projects

Four projects coordinated by 2 group leaders and 2 researchers from IBEC have been successful in gaining funding through the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology’s IGNITE call.

The BIST Ignite Programme is a mechanism to foster multidisciplinary research among the BIST members. Its goal is to promote new collaboration between its partners, facilitating the exchange of knowledge among different scientific fields and exploring new approaches. The projects that can be eligible for the grants must pursue the exploration of new questions and technological challenges through novel multidisciplinary approaches. The selected projects are granted with 20.000€ each and researchers will have 8 months to develop their projects.