New impulse of the “Science Law”

Josep Samitier, director of IBEC and president of the Catalan Association of Research Entities (ACER) appears in the newspaper “El Temps” for the approval of the processing of the draft of the “Law of Science”.

IBEC’s Director receives the Narcís Monturiol Medal for his contributions to science and technology

The Catalan Government awarded yesterday the Narcís Monturiol Medal for scientific and technological merit to the Director of the IBEC, Josep Samitier i Martí, for his contributions to the development of the Catalan system of science and technology. During his speech on behalf of all winners, Samitier reminded us the need to strenghten the support to science and technological efforts.

Vitala is born, a spin-off of IBEC that offers innovative and more ethical solutions for health research

Vitala Technologies, a biotechnology-based company born in the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), will offer innovative solutions for the analysis of drugs during their development, as well as the possibility to know in advance and in a personalized way, what will be the response of a patient to a certain treatment.

LEITAT and IBEC will promote last generation biotechnologies from Barcelona

A recent alliance between the LEITAT Technological Center and the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) will give a new impulse in the development and application of cutting-edge technologies that will combine engineering and biology to find solutions to health problems. Both institutions have established a new agreement to promote innovation in different scientific and technological areas, including 3D bioprinting with bioinks.

Advance in research against childhood cancer in the #WorldResearchCancerDay

IBEC researchers appear in different media for the recent study senior-authored by Joan Montero and first-authored by Albert Manzano, Senior Researcher and PhD student in IBEC’s Nanobioengineering group in which they have used a state-of-the-art analysis technique to evaluate new drug combinations to successfully treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

A chip against chronic bacterial infections

IBEC researchers develop a device that allows to grow biofilms and analyze their susceptibility to different antibiotics in a simple way and using patient samples. BiofilmChip, a low-cost, easy-to-use diagnostic device, opens the way to finding effective and custom treatments against chronic infections produced by biofilms.